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In the Restaurant El Fogon

By Briana Diaz

In the restaurant, El Fogon, I had a fun experience because everyone was very nice. They had music on, and people were singing karaoke. Also, when you enter the restaurant in front, you see the cashier, and on the side, you see the food they are serving. Another thing is that there are a lot of Mexican styles. They had a hat and a drawing on the very end of the restaurant. The food had a good taste. The rice had sliced carrots. The flautas had lettuce, sliced tomatoes, fresh cheese, and sour cream. When you eat the flautas, you can hear the crunch and feel the softness of the meat. The beans had a good taste. They were very well smashed, soft and had cheese on top. At last, the cafe was a nice experience because the place was small and very calm. You can be there doing homework or having a great time talking with your friends. The food was really good. They had every kind of drink like coffee, tea and milkshakes. They also had churros. They had a lot of flavors that you could choose from.

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