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Going Through All of the Galaxy

By Mauricio Vargas

Going through all of the galaxy and landing in a place called El Paso, Texas, we landed a safe distance away. We found two people going through an alley.

John asked, "Do we destroy those humans and take their faces?"

I said, "No, we have standards. We just take their faces."

"Fine, but can I at least beat them up?"

"Sure thing."

After beating up and taking the faces of the humans, we came across a restaurant called Gorditas Y Burritos E.P. "Hola bienvenidos que van a querer?" the human greeter asked.

"Is he speaking the language of the ancient aliens? Can you speak that?" John telepathically asked.

"Yes I can," I replied.

I approached the human greeter to order. "Mi amigo y yo queremos dos gorditas de colorado."

"Ok, seran 9.67 dolares."

I handed our money to the greeter and we soon started to eat. "How do you know the ancient language?" John asked.

"It was difficult at first, but I learned from a human girl in Mexico that helped me fix my spaceship," I responded.

"Oh ok. Also, these gorditas are so good!"

"Indeed, my friend. This will be another place we will not destroy."

Once we finished eating, we went back to our spaceship. "Will you like to go back to Mexico and visit that human girl?" John asked.

"Not today. I promise I will come back before the invasion," I said.

After that speech, we went back to our planet.

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