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San Jacinto Plaza

Learn how San Jacinto Plaza signifies the post of El Paso and just one of the many stories that make up the city's historical past. Consider why some of the plaza's surrounding buildings are more accessible than others.

San_Jacinto_PlazaTatiana Rodriguez
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Sacred Heart Murals

231 E. Father Rahm Ave. These murals are important to El Paso, since they depict various symbols and historical figures that help tell the stories of the city's rich past. 

Sacred_Heart_ChurchTatiana Rodriguez
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Segundo Barrio to Downtown

602 S. Oregon St. to 114 W. Mills Ave. Listen to how these two locations are so different from each other in ambiance, but are similar in their senses of community and identity. 

Segundo_Barrio_to_DowntownTatiana Rodriguez
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Bowie Bakery 

Explore the flavors of El Paso's original Bowie Bakery location as you listen. Think about how they bring people closer together as they build and maintain their communities.

Bowie_BakeryTatiana Rodriguez
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