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Churro Place

By Neida Quijas

There were four friends, and all of them have different personalities. They just met each other, which is great since two of them are antisocial, while the other two are very social. The social ones allowed the other two to start warming up and they eventually talked as if they'd been friends for life. They went into a churro place, and none of them knew what a churro was. They each ordered a different churro to see what kinds of flavors the churro place offered. No one thought they were total strangers since they acted as if they were sisters. When they talked, they eventually found out their lives are quite similar and that they acted the same way together. The difference was they all lived in different parts of the city, which is why they had never met.

Sitting there, all four of them shared experiences about their lives that they felt made them unique. But they soon realized parts of their experiences made them all equal. They all had somewhat strict parents, they were all happy, and they were all Mexicans. One of the parents of one of the girls was there. He saw his child happy and laughing. His child was a depressed teenager, and he never would've thought she would be able to be part of a group or even make jokes about him with strangers. She was the type of girl who enjoyed spending time with her family and never went out. He was so proud of how his not so little girl had come, and how far she has come in socializing.

Everyone could've thought those four girls had been friends for a long time, when in reality they had only known each other for a few hours. In such a short time, they became close. They knew each other almost perfectly and they really enjoyed themselves. Especially that father, who saw his little girl being a college girl laughing and giggling about everything she did. That father was the happiest of them all for the simple fact that his girl was finally letting go of the fact that she didn't have to lose her life. For the fact that she had lost her brother all those years ago ...

Image courtesy by Montserrat Munoz

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